What is DNS and web hosting?

What is DNS?

DNS means domain name system which assign a domain with a name rather than a ip address. So whwn you purchase domain from a domain registrar like godaddy or namecheap they will give you the control of DNS. Actually you don’t have to do nothing with ip address if you use shared hosting except only if you use VPS or Dedicated hosting.

You only need to manage your Nameservers in your domain DNS settings.

What is hosting?

hosting is nothing but a virtual pc which has a central processing unit(CPU). There are many companies which provide cheapest hosting.

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Types of hosting?

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting means so many websites in a single server or shared ip address. If traffic in your website increases then you website will go down or crashes with the others websites hosted on that same server. So you need to upgrade your plan manually to upgrade your server’s hardware. It is just like a shared hostel room in which 4 persons live in a single room of a hostel. Root access is not permitted. Suitable for small new websites.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting means instead of a single server you website is hosted on cloud which propagates within mutiple servers and very easily scalable. It is comparetively faster then shared hosting. You can upgrade your server anytime very easily. Root access is not permitted. You can understand like in a apartment there is a flat in which 4 rooms for 4 people and are of different sizes you are allowed for only one room for one person at a time, if your requirement goes higher you have the right to propagate within the different rooms. Suitable for small to moderate level websites.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS means virtual private server you have your own public ip address assigned to you. You will be able to host as many websites as you want, no others website from outside is allowed to use your resources. It is just like a full flat which you own in a apartment, no matters how many rooms are available for you, it’s all yours! It is also very easily scalable or upgradable. Root access is granted. Suitable for moderate to high level websites.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting means a giant server which is very powerfull it most powerfull hosting by any hosting company a completely independent server. Massive heavily scalable server. It is just like a private bunglaw which is completely isolated.

  • It is super effecient
  • Root access is granted
  • Very Expensive

Suitable for high level big buisness.

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