Thor love and thunder movie cast details and spoilers

Latest Thor love and thunder movie cast, leaks and spoilers!

  • Actor Christian Bale is confirmed as the movie major villian in thor love and thunder directed by Taika Watiti.
  • Those who don’t know he was previously popular for his batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan.
  • He will be playing the the iconic comic villian Minotaur aka Dario Agger from Greek.
  • Thor will go on a journey with Rocket and Groot. The journey backfires and they land on earth.
  • Thor reunites with Jane Foster, who now works at Roxxon after everything in her life fell apart. Life in New Asgard is going well untill Agger threatens Valkyrie.
  • Jane will get a replica of mjolnir built by Eitri.
  • Thor will form a new team called Revengers which consists of himself, Jane, Beta Ray Bill, Korg, Meik, Rocket, Groot, Valkyrie, Angela and Kid Loki.
  • Valkyrie will be shown as a lesbian whose love interest will be a Asgardian refugee named Angela(Jodie Comer).
  • Ryan Gosling is playing Beta Ray Bill, who was being exciled on Sakaar planet by Grandmaster.
  • Kid Loki is being played by Finn Wolfhard. The reasons behind whu kid Loki is casted will be explained in the Loki Disney plus TV series.
  • Quill, Drax, Mantis and Nebula have only cameos at the beginning and the end of the film.
  • Gamora is still not mentioned anywhere.

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