how to download torrent files from

What is torrent?

Torrents are basically files or folder in a special format which includes files meta data also contains files network trackers. Torrent files are then upload to torrent websites.

The most famous torrent websites are:

  • extratorrents
  • kickass torrents
  • the pirate bay
  • yify
  • rarbg

The difference between regular download and torrent download:

If you download a file from a website that means you are downloading the file which had been uploaded to that website’s server. Then suddenly if millions of people came to that website and try to download that file then imagine waht will happen to that server?

The Server will Crash down!

One solution is that to overcome this is to bring powerful server to manage that millions of people at a time also that will be too much costly for normal people. So everybody will not be able to buy that costlier server.

Alternative solution is that to overcome the server load and download speed is first we have to create a torrent file or you can say a torrent link for that file which is to be shared from your pc or laptop.

To download and convert a torrent file you need torrent client software. The most famous torrent client softwares are:

  • Utorrent
  • Bittorent

You can download it on either a pc/laptop or mobile.

After downloading the software or app, create the torrent file link which is generally less than 100kb in size and then upload it to the torrent client website.

Benefits of torrent:

whenever a source is downloading that uploaded torrent file from that torrent website through the torrent client software it means he or she is uploading that file too to the server at the same time if a second user downloading that same file from that torrent website it means his speed is doubled up and downloading from two sources also at the same time if a third person is downloading the same file it means he is downloading from three sources and further on chain increases and we can see the Seeders and Leechers of that file which was uplaoded to the torrent website.

Seeders means the person whom are contributing to upload that file.

Leechers means the person whom are contributing to download that file.





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