5 legit ways to make money online

Today we will discuss about 5 legit ways ways to make money online from your home and these 5 methods are so easy to learn and apply anyone can do with a little knowledge.

Is it possible to make money online?

Answer is yes!

There are so many ways to earn money online but i will share you the best methods of earning money online.

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Trading
  5. Cryptocurrency

What is blogging?

I am definitely sure that you heared the word “blogging”. Blogging means creating a website and write daily some articles in it, visitors search their query on google then if your blog niche have that content for that query also if your blog’s article is indexed in google’s 1st page or 2nd page then visitors might visit your blog and you will be benefited from that visitor.

As you know google have a monetisation platform called google adsense. Which is a advertising platform. Blog publishers get paid by google adsense program. Google gives approval of google adsense only when your blog have high quality content. I am pretty sure you had already seen ads on website as because more than 11.1 million websites are using google adsense to generate revenue.

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How to earn money from youtube?

Before proceeding you should have known that Youtube is also a product of google. Here monetization criteria is same as of blogging by google’s adsense platform. Here ads are placed in video, when you watch any youtube video you are shown some ads through these ads youtubers generate revenue.

Google gives adsense approval only if your youtube channel have passed some criteria, these are:

  1. Complete 1000 subscribers
  2. Complete 4000 hours watchtime
  3. Quality content

Dont’t be panic! It’s not so hard!!

Make money from affiliate marketing!

So question is what is affiliate marketing?

Affilate marketing means promoting a ecommerce website’s product. If you are able to to sold some products of their brand then they will provide you some commission. Don’t worry you don’t have to go anywhere, all these things can be done from home. Largest ecommerce website is “Amazon”. Everybody knows it, they have their own affiliate program. First of all you should have your own blog where you will promote their products and publish their affiliate links.


This is a little risky platform. You have invest some money first time, minimum is $10. In trading there are wide range of assests like foreign currency exchange, gold, silver etc. You have two options to bid like “up” or “down” price value means where the price value will go with some time duration for a particular asset. It’s like you know price of gold is keeps changing so at a particular time when you bid for “up” for a time interval if price keeps increasing within that time interval then you will be benefited by upto 100%. Popular trading platform are olymtrade, iq option, binomo etc.


Yes it is also a currency like dollars , rupees etc. But difference is that cryptocurrency do not belongs to a particular country. It is a decentralized currency, it is not controlled by any central authority. It is a digital currency. You can buy it for less price just like gold and sell it for higher price, because it’s price is also dynamic. Other way to get more profit is “Cryptocurrency Mining”. It is is the mehod where you will be generating your own crytocurrency! Most popular cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, etherium, bitcoin cash, zcash, litecoin, ripple etc.

How cryptocurrency is mined?

Anyone with having a computer/laptop can mine cryptocurrency. Crytocurrency is produced when your pc/laptop participate within the chain of networks of computers solve or validate digital transactions of mathematical calculations. Higher the rate of validation of transactions higher the rate of cryptocurrency mining. To increase the rate of transactions validations you need more powerfull GPU in you pc/laptop.

So this is very expensive because High end GPU’s and 24 hours electricity is not affordable for everyone, You can build your own GPU mining rig with mutiple GPUs to increase more speed. There are also available some “ASIC Miners” which is especially built only for a particular algorithm means particular cryptocurrency focused. GPU mining rig can be used for any cryptocurrency algorithm. If you invest wisely then you will surely get benefit. You have to create a blockchain wallet to store you mined cryptocurrency or any cryptocurrency transaction. A blockchain is a list of transactions that anyone can view and verify. It is record of everytime someone sent or receive bitcoins.

Popular bitcoin wallets are blockchain, coinbase, wazirx stc.

Please do not join any “Cloud Mining” platform which promises to give free bitcoin. All are “Scam”.

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